March 2015 Beer of the Month

Hi BoTM members March! We have 3 Stanley Park brews and 3 lovely Yukon brews.Some of these are new some are older, all are great brews, enjoy!


Stanley Park Brewing (

Stanley Park Windstorm is a typical West Coast Pale Ale and has a clear golden amber colour. A storm of tropical fruit and earthy pine hop character that bends to a gust of citrus on the palate and a rewarding bitterness that finishes clean.

Stanley Park Noble Pilsner is a European style lager. It has a pale straw yellow appearance with a rich creamy head. This beer has a delicate bouquet with subtle fruit notes and a crisp balanced finish.

Stanley Park 1867 Ambler is a Belgian style ale with a medium amber brown colour. This beer has a subtle toasted malt flavour, is very lightly hopped and has an exceptionally clean finish.


Yukon Brewing (

Yukon Gold is the Yukon’s number one selling draught, this ale was designed to be an almost “non-ale”. It is golden in colour, brilliantly clear, and clean across the palate. The mix of 5 malts still provides subtle character in the body, and the addition of malted wheat provides a slight, but characteristic citrusy finish.

Dial K for Kolsch This beer is made with a Vienna malt, giving a bit of breadiness, and some malted wheat for some citrusy notes. Hopping is light, and done with traditional Czech Saaz hops, in traditional fashion, while an ale this beer was fermented more like a lager, long and cool. Alcohol content is 5.0% abv, which is pretty much in the middle of the range for the style. Then, of course, is a subtle saskatoon berry flavour complementing the kolsch crispness.

Yukon Red starts with by displaying a deep bronze colour, but the beer is crystal clear. The head is an abundant fine mousse and cream coloured. As you raise the mug, your senses catch the fine aromas permeating from the glass, clean malty sweetness touched by spicy hop esters. It has a full malt body; not sweet, but bold, fruity and persistent. A snap of clean hop bitter grabs the back of the tongue and springs into the sinus cavity, blending with the caramel flavours that have wafted back with the nectar that is this ale.